About Us.


Transerve Disc technologies Limited started small with the importation and sales of bulk Video and audiotapes and then progressed to films duplication for producers and marketers. The company later diversified into the importation and sales of library and jewel boxes, kingdom word audiotapes, Blank CDR and Bulk audiotapes, thus creating a “one stop shop” for audio, video and CD products. Duplication of CD’s and VCD’s with sales of CD duplicators was added to the growing basket of the company’s products and services.


With the paradigm shift in demand and technology of films and in line with the company’s vision of “Adapting Technology to customers needs with TRANSCENDING EXCELLENT SERVICES ”, the company veered into CD, VCD and DVD replication with full color screen printing. We combine class, quality and speed to meet customers’ peculiar needs.


Transerve as a pacesetting organization has a web site with Optical Disc Business Software to enable her customers monitor the progress of their job orders on line from the comfort of their homes and offices.


Transerve Disc Technologies Limited has branches in major cities of the nation to ensure that the products are readily available to her numerous customers. A company that offers excellent services to its numerous customers nationwide. With nationwide coverage and network to maintain prompt delivery of products. Plus a customer care line that is second to   none. Why not give us a try and decipher optimum satisfaction.


   TRANSERVE DISC (C)       

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