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  • CD/VCD/DVD Replication

    This is the main thrust of the company’s business services. Music (audio and video),

    Movies (Film), Books, Data(s), softwares e.t.c are replicated into CD’s and DVD’s with full colour screen and offset printing. The processes involve:


    Premastering of customers inputs or masters which could be in either analogue (tapes) or digital (cd) formats.

    --  Glass mastering called Stampers

    --  Replication into CD’s, VCD’s or DVD’s

    --  Full colour screen or offset printing

    --  Packaging in 50pcs or 100pcs spindles. With our New ERP software, our customers can

         monitor all these manufacturing stages online from the comfort of their offices.

  • CD ROM Printing

    This is a full color (screen or offset) printing process on blank CD-R or DVD-R media. It is the favorite of many corporate, social and religions organizations who duplicate their CD’s or DVD’s in-house but wants to finish them with high quality waterproof, offset printing instead of costly inkjet printings. Screen/offset printing cost 50% less than inkjet printing and it is water resistant.

  • Special Shaped CD

    Do you know that CD or DVD need not have the conventional round shape? At Transerve, we can give your CD or DVD any shape to suit your individuality, corporate identity and taste. It (special shape CD/DVD) can also be used to curb the scourge of piracy and intellectual property theft.






  • Mastering

    The content, Audio or Video from the client's master are uploaded to our mastering system. Files are then recorded on a glass master substrate using a laser beam recorder. The recorded glass master is developed and metallized forming physical structures representing original data. These structures are called 'Pits & Land'. The metallized glass master is electroformed to make a Nickel disc called a 'Father Stamper'.


    Glass Master family

    If multiple stampers are required, a further process called 'Family Making' is necessary where a Mother stamper is produced from the Father Stamper. Then it is this mother stamper that is used to make multiple Son Stampers. Stampers are polished and punched according to the Replication mold requirements. Physical and electronic tests are conducted to ascertain quality of different parameters. A quality passed stamper is handed over to PPC for processing mass production of CD or DVD.

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