At Transerve Disc Technologies Limited, we value knowledge and experience, and we recognize the important roles our employees play in the continued success of the company.  As a growing business working in the dynamic manufacturing environment, we offer rewarding career opportunities for both local and foreign professionals.

Our commitment is to establish a working environment which is based on a transparent meritocracy; and the full engagement and involvement of excellent people. Equal Employment Opportunity is a vital component of our company culture and our success. By this policy, all our employees have equal opportunities for jobs, skills training and promotions regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex, and physical disability.  Consistent with these principles, we base all employment decisions only on valid business-based job requirements.  It is equally important that, wherever our business needs take us, we maintain a work environment that honours our diversity.

Any form of harassment or discrimination violates our core values and our Equal Employment Opportunity policy. By maintaining an environment that fosters, respects, and celebrates the diversity of our workforce, we will maintain our place as the leading disc technology company in Nigeria.


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In a bid to surpass ‘transcending excellent services’ in all facets of service delivery and more importantly, to ensure transparency, accountability, and total security for intellectual works in the Optical Disc Industry, Transerve Disc Technologies Limited, the biggest indigenous CD plant in Africa has introduced ‘Security’ and “Innovations’ whereby all our customers will receive alerts automatically in their mobile phones and email addresses on placement of their orders with us.

One of the greatest threats in the industry is high incidence of piracy. Piracy which is an intellectual theft has robbed the creative community of their well deserved reward from the exploitation of their God given talents. Piracy has pauperised most creative persons while it has enriched the Pirates.

One of TRANSERVE’s CORE VALUES which later became our mantra is ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PIRACY. Presently there is no CENTRAL database in the country for verification of copyright ownerships. To checkmate the Pirates, Transerve insists that all orders MUST be accompanied with an authorization letter from the Copyright Owner. But without a CENTRAL database for copyright ownership, how does one verify these authorizations? Before now such verifications could only be done by the rule of the thumb and guess work. To solve this problem, Transerve innovated and came up with a Web enabled Enterprise Resources Program (ERP) with an SMS and EMAIL alert management system. All that a copyright owner needs to protect his/her Audio, Video, Data and Softwares from illegal and unauthorized copying is to register these works with Transerve. Thereafter we ensure that both the copyright owner and the distributor are carried along on “real time online” basis on production of such registered works.

Another problem we noticed in the industry is lack of transparency, trust and integrity. Intellectual Property owners can’t trust their distributors and marketers. Even sincere Marketers and Distributors have no way of proving that they are not conniving with Optical Disc Plants in producing more than their authorized quantities. Transerve has come up with a solution to these many problems through the ERP Alert management system.

1) Copyright Alert: Every Copyright owner whose job is registered with us receives an automatic alert on every order placed by anybody, telling him the name of the person and the quantity ordered. This gives him the opportunity to verify that he authorized such production within 12 hours. The copyright owners can now sleep with both eyes closed knowing that they will be alerted automatically of any order placed on their titles registered with Transerve. This will go a long way to checkmate piracies of intellectual works especially from pirates who forge Authorization letters.

2) Customer Alert: Every customer will receive alert of his/her order with a code or link directing him/her to our website to track the production processes of his order. This allows the customer to know real time online production status of his/her order to help him plan his releases. With this alert system, all our customers can now monitor all the production stages (premastering, stamper making, replication, printing, packaging and delivery) of their order from the comfort of their homes/offices and from their mobile devices on the go. You can track your production processes just like you track your courier packages!

3) Error Alert: Customers are alerted of any error encountered in the course of production. This will help them to respond quickly with solutions and to readjust their marketing and release plans.

4) Stamper availability alert: Every cash customer is alerted of the availability of their stampers so that they can fund their accounts for their production to commence in earnest.

5) Finished Job Alert: Every customer is alerted of every quantity of his/her job order ready for delivery. Our customers can now know the availability of their goods independent of whatever any marketer tells them.

6) Delivery Alert: Every customer in Transerve is alerted by SMS of every job delivered to him. This alert automatically sends an Invoice/Delivery Note link to the customer’s email address. This email link enables the customer to print his current month statement of account

7) Payment Alert: Every customer’s receipted deposit sends an SMS and email alert informing the customer that we have received his deposit and an update of his current account balance.

8) Journal Alert: Every customer is alerted of every journal entry (credit or debit) made in his/her account. With this alert, all our customers are on top of every possible activity in their account. This is transparency! What are you waiting for? Our Mission remains to create and maintain a pace setting Organisation by adapting technology to customers needs finished with transcending excellent services.

Transerve …. Your total job protection and transparency is our ‘watch word’.